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The LPL Advisor Difference

Cliché as it sounds, all financial advisors aren’t the same. Objectivity, experience, values, and access to LPL Financial’s vast resources are among the factors that we believe set LPL advisors apart.

On the surface, there aren’t significant differences between financial advisors throughout the financial services industry. Many have similar credentials and provide comparable services. They key is to find one that you connect with—someone who you feel you could trust to provide objective guidance and to work with your best interests in mind.

However, there are attributes that make some advisors stand out from the others. When considering what to look for in a financial advisor, here are a few of the factors that differentiate the LPL network of advisors—and what they can mean for you.

 • Objectivity. LPL has no proprietary products or investment banking relationships to promote. What we do provide is quality, objective research, and recommendations they can use to make informed recommendations based on your individual financial goals. That’s why helping you achieve your financial goals is how LPL advisors track their success.

 • Shared Corporate Values. LPL advisors embrace the idea that their work makes a difference. They have a passion for doing that work ethically and exceedingly well in line with LPL’s core values. For you that means the integrity and professionalism you expect is what you will get when you work with an LPL advisor.

 • DiversityDiversity is a top priority at LPL, so it’s not surprising that the financial advisors affiliated with LPL represent a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, and ages. With thousands of LPL advisors to choose from nationwide, you can interview as many in your region as you like before choosing the one with whom you feel most comfortable.

 • Transparent. LPL advisors focus on doing what’s right for you, which means being upfront with you. They’ll help you understand the differences between advisory and brokerage services, how your relationship with them will work, the services they’ll provide, and any associated fees, and disclose potential conflicts of interest.

 • Service- and Resource-backed. LPL puts a broad range of resources at our advisors’ fingertips, including independent research, technologies, and tools designed to simplify account management, boost practice efficiency, and improve the overall experience and service they provide to you.

 • Convenience and Choice. Whether you prefer to work with an independent financial advisor or an advisor affiliated with a credit union or bank, the LPL advisor network can accommodate your needs and interests. We have more than 15,000 financial advisors throughout the US, making it convenient to find an advisor in your area.

 • Client-focused. Many companies say they are client-focused. It means more coming from the clients. That’s the case for LPL. LPL and its advisors ranked No. 1 for client loyalty according to the Cogent Wealth Reports study, “Investor Brand Builder.[1]” LPL also earned the No. 1 spot for the top five drivers that investors attributed to creating loyalty, including quality of investment advice and stability.

Find Your Advisor Now

Lists of attributes are great, but don’t stop there when evaluating a prospective financial advisor. Equally important—if not more so—is the sense of comfort and confidence you get from a specific advisor. Learn about some of the factors that go into choosing the best financial advisor for your situation, and then start your search with the LPL Find an Advisor tool.



[1] ABOUT THE REPORT: Market Strategies International’s Cogent Wealth Reports: Investor Brand Builder™ provides a holistic view of key trends affecting the affluent investor marketplace. The November 2017 report is based on a web survey of over 4,000 affluent investors who hold $100,000 or more in investable assets. A total of n=82 LPL advisor clients were represented in the study. Customer Loyalty is based on how likely the participant would recommend each of their investment account companies to friends, family, or colleagues. Participants also valuate their investment account companies using a 5-point rating scale across 10 aspects of client experience.

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.